Wine Tastings

One of the problems with buying new wines is that even if a wine comes recommended people’s tastes and preferences vary quite a lot so its always a bit of a gamble. Of course many see this as part of the experience trying as many new wines as possible. Others, however, tend to stick to what they know especially if they do not have money to burn taking chances on new wines. To make things easier and much more fun we have come up with a rather fabulous solution.
Basic Wine Tasting Events
The basic tasting session is akin to a trade tasting. The wines are laid out in order on the table with some basic printed information about each wine and the grower. Each person is then free to try any wines they wish. There is no charge for this service other than the cost of the wines. Travel cost may be required depending on your location.
Sommelier Service
For the more discerning wine drinkers among you we can invite our very own sommelier. She is extremely experienced, having worked in some of London’s top restaurants. This is a more structured scenario with everybody trying the same wine simultaneously. She will talk you though each wine and how it is made, provide information on the vineyard and give food matching recommendations. Once again, the cost is split between all the guests so for a few extra pounds each you are treated to an interesting and educational evening as well as lots of truly amazing wines. There is a charge of £150 for this service.
Bespoke Food
We also have a chef, who is a bit of a culinary legend and celebrity, who can prepare some really quite amazing food for your event. He will look at the wine list you have chosen, liaise with you and our sommelier and design an accompanying menu to compliment perfectly your wine list. Please contact us about this well in advance as some planning is needed. Costs vary on the number of people and type of service required.
There are just over 12 60cl servings in each standard bottle of wine. If you have 20 people and one bottle of each wine for instance, not everybody will get a taste of every wine. Most people will have wine preferences anyway so it is unlikely everybody will want to try every wine, but it is something to consider. If you choose the sommelier service then you may want to be more discerning in respect of the number of guests and/or feature more than one bottle of each wine so that everybody gets to try all of the wines. Any wine remaining can be vacu-sealed by us and left with you to finish off at your leisure.

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