Why Choose Organic?

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Why choose organic wine?

There are many people who still consider organic wine to be a rather fringe and slightly culty thing, or just another fad. In view of this I felt the need to clarify why I feel that organic and biodynamic production, not just in wine but more generally with food and drinks, is the way forward if we are to collectively change the way we live and protect our health and the health of our environment. The power to change the world lies, very simply, in how you spend your money.

If you are wondering why you should bother to make the switch to organic wine think about this statistic: wine making in Europe occupies about 3.5% of agricultural land and yet it consumes about 15% of all synthetic agri-chemicals used.

There are many natural pesticides and other techniques that farmers and growers can use to help successful growing but we refer specifically to petrochemical-based, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilisers. Imagine for a moment that agri-chemicals had only just been invented.  So, all food and drink is produced naturally, but scientists have just announced that using a new range of and synthetic, petrochemical compounds can wipe out unwanted flora and fauna. They claim that they will also increase crop yields and hence profits.

Fabulous some say, until somebody notices in the small print that these chemicals harm the environment, cause cancer and a plethora of other serious physical and psychological illnesses in humans, build up in the soil and leach into rivers and eventually the sea, contaminating pretty much the entire food chain. Hey its no big deal say the big agri-chemical companies, It will be fine, trust us.

Hmmm. Suddenly the allure of slightly cheaper food is not so attractive. I feel that most sensible people, given that choice now and armed with all the real science, would not choose to reduce their bills slightly if the risk to the their health and the environment as a whole was so serious and so evident. This is shown very clearly in the GM debate where our government are very keen to convince us that GM food is safe and even good for us, but anyone who does even a little research discovers otherwise, and so we have collectively rejected GM crops thus far. It is also interesting to note that while many MPs tell us there is nothing beneficial about organic food and that GM food is safe, the food served in both houses of parliament is organic and hence GM-free. Funny that!

The reason we accept the current situation with agri-chemicals is simply because it has developed very quietly over many decades. Indifferent and lazy farmers like the fact that they don’t have to think too hard about how they grow their produce, consumers like the fact that their food is a bit cheaper and our government and agri-chemical companies just stay very quiet. It’s the way it has always been we think, so it can’t be that bad. Then when we consider the fact that the World Health Organisation declared that the world faces “a tidal wave of cancer” not that long ago and that rates of cancer and other illnesses that were almost unknown before agri-chemicals were introduced are sky-rocketing, its seems utter madness to ignore the links and continue to consume sprayed produce.

What many consumers do not think about is that it is not only them that is at risk. People living and working around farms and vineyards that use these chemicals are being affected, not to mention the harm caused to wildlife and the wider ecosystems. More and more examples of this are appearing in our press and scientific literature. We all lead busy lives and most working people do not have time to worry about complex environmental issues and it should not be up to the individual to have to change the way an entire industry operates, but sadly we find ourselves in a situation where our government and the industrial giants that supply these chemicals don’t really care about us, our health or the health of our environment, so it is now down to us to change the way things are simply by spending our money on environmentally sound and healthy products. And, as we all know, as demand grows, producers quickly follow.

Generally speaking those who consume naturally grown produce lead healthier and happier lives. It really is that simple and it is that principle that is behind the food and drinks revolution we see exploding in the UK and indeed across the Western world. Adopting a new way of thinking is not difficult if the right information and affordable,  healthy alternatives are made easily available…

And that was the inspiration behind this business. I strive to offer a good range of affordable wines that are free from harmful chemicals so everybody can now make that choice.

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy planet and no more hang-overs.

Everywine’s a winner ®

Ian Simpson

Founder – Beaconsfield Wine


Further reading:

Beyond Pesticides – health effects of 30 commonly used pesticides

The Soil Association – Why Organic

The Organic Vineyard Alliance is a wonderfully informative resource about organic viticulture and why it is so important for our health and out environment. It is a US-based organizsation but the principles and science behind what they do is applicable to the UK industry. View some of their short films here.

What our customers say


"Really looking forward to the latest selection! A friend recently ordered a selection from the Organic Wine Club and I tried them with her and they were seriously hit and miss. Not a patch on yours so I pointed her in your direction."


Jane PondCrouch Hill, London

"We all enjoyed the wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon and the Viognier were particular favourites. In the complex world of wine the fact that they were organic seemed to make little difference to how they were received – it was how they tasted that was being judged."

Phillip SheahanBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"Just had a lovely bottle of Ramoro Pinot Grigio. Despite the snow on the ground, the rosé (orange wine) was eagerly quaffed with Patrick Burge and disappeared very quickly. Absolutely delicious."

Joanna BurgeNormanton On Soar, Leicester

"I loved the orange wine, [Lunaria - Ramoro Pinot Grigio] –really unique and tasty. The Champagne [A Levasseur Rue du Sorbier Brut NV] was fantastic – we drunk it alongside other more recognisable brands of similar price and it was far superior."

Joanna BarkerBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"We are enjoying the rich, mellow Salena 2014 Shiraz. Excellent value! Website trouble free and delivery service on target… we will be ordering more!"

Patricia EdwardsBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"Thanks to you I have discovered a world of organic wine that I didn’t previously know existed. I ordered a selection of reds and a Prosecco and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. Keep up the good work and I’ll be visiting your site again soon!"

Danny DriverHarrow, London

"A great choice of quality wines with an effortless online shop makes Beaconsfield Wine a bit of a no-brainer."

Matt CatlowLewisham, London

"The wines are really great. Wow. The Franc de Bel was superb and the Orange Pinot [Ramoro Pinot Grigio 2016] was incredible; not had an orange wine before and really nice."

Fraser GillespieQueens Park, London

"What a joy to have found you! Thoroughly recommend the La Jara range, their ‘Cuvee Rosé’ and ‘Pinot Grigio [La Jara Brut Pinot Grigio Rosé] are exceptional! We’ve also tried the Terra Organica [Cabernet Sauvignon and Rioja] and Salena Organic [Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz] reds, all delicious and good value."

Jackie MckayWestbourne Park, London

"Tried the Haywire Pinot Noir. It was rather good, lovely fruity taste and aroma albeit very light (even for a pinot noir), and just slightly acidic although I found that after about 45 minutes of breathing it settled well; It paired nicely with my chicken and red pepper curry."

Sunil AhujaBeaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"The wines so far, as we have had 5 of the 12 we ordered are pretty damn good I have to say ,especially the Salena Shiraz, which was only a tenner and is one of the nicest wines we’ve had. We are new to organic wines and have to say were a bit sceptical about the whole thing, but we’re very impressed and no hang-overs so far so maybe you do have a point."

James SmalleyKenn, Devon

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