Sulphites in wines

The first thing to say on this topic is that all wines contain sulphites. It is a natural by product of the wine making process. There is much discussion on this topic currently in the world of wine and indeed there are many producers around the world that are striving to reduce sulphur content. Sulphites are classed in the UK as an allergen by the FSA. Those who have an allergy to sulphites can experience unpleasant symptoms, but the numbers people allergic to SO2 is actually very small.

It is also believed by many that sulphites are one of the things that contribute to a hang-over, so seeking out low-added-sulphur or no-added-sulphur wines may help reduce the unpleasant side effects experienced after drinking wine. Synthetic pesticide, fungicide and herbicide residues are thought by many to be the other major contributors to hang-overs, but of course in the case of organic and biodynamic wines that is not applicable as no synthetic chemicals are used.

The term “sulphites” is a general term for a group of chemicals including sulphur dioxide and sodium or potassium metabisulphite. in the case of wine we use sulphites to mean SO2 which is added to most wines as a preservative and a ‘stabiliser’.

All our wines contain some sulphites. Most contain added sulphites but the levels allowed in organic wine is much lower than conventional wine. Some of our wines have minimal added sulphites and some have no added sulphites and in both cases those wines are labelled as such on their product pages. They are also categorised either as Low Sulphites or No Added Sulphites in the additional information section on each page so you can search for them.

Generally speaking biodynamic wines tend tol be low-added-suphur or no-added-sulphur.

Though we try to ensure the accuracy of this information we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies and if you have a sulphite allergy you agree to read the label of the wine and check the sulphur content independently before consuming the wine.

For a more detailed explanation of sulphites in wine we refer our customers to this very useful article by decanter.

Sulfites in wine: friend or foe?


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