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    Magula – Baccara 2016

    Baccara 2016 is a really delicious natural wine from Slovakian family producers Magula. Rich and fruity, clean, honest and immensely rewarding. A blend of 3 local varieties this wine is quite unique. Pairs well with meat casseroles, meat pasta and even spicy meat pizza.

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  • Vale de Capucha – Fossil Tinto 2016

    Ripe plums, hints of coffee, twigs and blackcurrants and with a hint of grass. Very rich and smooth, velvety with subtle tannins and a very long finish. Ideal with meat stews and rich beef and game dishes.


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    Petr Korab – Natur Rysak “On Leaves” 2019

    Petr Korab – Natur Rysak 2018 is a delicious and well balanced biodynamic ‘Rysak’ wine from the Czech Republic. Pairs well with pizza, tuna and vegetable pasta dishes, pork and other white meats and roast vegetables.

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    Ota Sevcik – Pinoty 2015

    A rather wonderful Czech white blend. A complex, fruity and creamy blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Beautiful and quite unique.



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  • Cacik – Frankovka 2015

    Cacik – Frankovka is stunningly delicious, light bodied and delicately floral red. Think very light, high-end Pinot Noir but with delicate red and forest fruits with slight pink peppercorn spiciness. Ideal paired with spicy Italian sausage pizza and other light, tomato based meat dishes.

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  • Cacik – Cabernet Moravia 2016

    A rich, medium-bodied natural red from Tomas Čačik and a very welcome addition to our list. Slightly floral with red fruits and a slight pepperiness it’s a must-try for Cab Franc fans. Paris well with meat stews, rabbit and roasted red meats.

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    Chateau de la Roulerie – Les Magnolias 2017

    Chateau de la Roulerie – Anjou Blanc Les Magnolias 2017. This is Roulerie’s top un-oaked Chenin.

    More details coming soon.





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  • Stapleton & Springer – Ben’s Reserve Pinot Noir 2016

    Ben’s Reserve is quite sublime. A subtly fruity Pinot Noir with an aroma of cherry and plums and with a hint of coffee. Ideally suited to accompany lighter venison or beef dishes, meat pasta or even meat pizza such as Italian spicy sausage pizza.

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  • Knauss (Knauß)- Pure Pinot Blanc 2019

    A full blooded, tangy and bold orange Pinot Blanc from Southern Germany. This is one for the more adventurous among you, or the orange and Pinot Blanc aficionados. Excellent for pairing with strong fish dishes such as smoked eel, or fuller flavoured white meat dishes.


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