Stellar Organic – Running Duck Pinotage 2017



A surprisingly rich and satisfying red for the price. It ticks all the boxes – it’s vegan, Fairtrade, organic of course, and no added sulphur, so if you are sensitive to conventional wines in any way at all you really should try this. Boxes aside it really is quite delicious.

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Stellar Organic – Running Duck Pinotage 2017 – No Added Sulphur

Producer: Stellar Organics

Country: South Africa

Region: Western Cape

Grapes: Pinotage

Stellar Organic – Running Duck Pinotage 2017 is a surprisingly rich and satisfying red for the price, Another QPW winner, especially if you prefer your wine as close to natural as possible. Vegan, no added sulphur, fair-trade and of course, organic. It shows some of the smokey character typical of this grape but is also quite fruity at the same time with subtle goosberry, ripe plums and bark on the palate.

It’s really quite delicious but do allow it to settle for at least an hour after opening. It really mellows and develops with time.

Fairtrade | No Added Sulphur

Stellar Organic – Running Duck Pinotage is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

More about the producer

We like this producer. Their heart is in the right place and their wines are very affordable, which is what we need to entice newcomers into the organic market, The inspiration behind this business was to bring ‘good’ organic and biodynamic wines to ordinary consumers so we are glad to have this on our list. Stellar Organic do a whole range of wines but we felt the 3 we currently stock were the only ones worthy of our list.




Stellar is one of South Africa’s largest organic wine producers and is the leading ethical wine brand in the UK. Founded by the Rossouw brothers in 2000, Stellar is a passionate and innovative winery, continually pushing the boundaries of winemaking whilst keeping ethical, social and environmental principles at the heart of everything they do. Stellar are the world’s top producers of no added sulphur wines, the purest expression of organic winemaking. The vineyards are patrolled as organically as possible assisted by Indian Runner ducks, which act as natural pest removers. Stellar is Fair For Life certified and the Stellar Foundation is committed to improving the life of its vibrant worker community.



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Additional information

Bottle Size

Bottle 75 cl


South Africa


Western Cape




Fruity, Full-Bodied

Enjoy with...

Game, Meat Pasta, Meat Paté, Steak, Venison


Certified Organic




Vegan, Vegetarian

Sulphur content

No Added Sulphites