Progetto Calcarius – Ca 40.08 2019


An exceptionally well-made orange wine from Puglia. Ripened apricots, peach skin, rhubarb and bitters. The finish is long and well balanced. A wonderfully easy-drinking wine at the very palatable end of the orange spectrum and only 11%.

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Progetto Calcarius – Ca 40.08, Orange Puglia 2019

Winemaker: Valentina Passalaqua
Country: Italy
Region: Puglia
Grape: Falanghina
Certified Organic / Biodynamic Practice / Natural
Spontaneous fermentation with long maceration on the skins for 7 days in open vats with manual breaking of the hat, unfiltered. This is an orange you can share with friends, it’s easy to drink with a good minerality, fresh acidity.
In the bottle this unique wine is the colour of a sunset. On the nose it has white flowers and stone fruit. On the palate, it’s ripened apricots, peach skin, rhubarb and bitters. The finish is long and well balanced.
This wonderful orange wine works very well with simple meals ranging from white meats through to tuna pasta, non-tomato vegetable or seafood pasta and even dry or slightly spicy chicken dishes.
This is a 1L bottle, so comparitive price would be about £17.80 for a 750ml bottle, which i have to say is pretty amazing value for such a unique and interesting natural wine.
Progetto Calcarius – Ca 40.08 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Progetto Calcarius – Ca 40.08 contains no added sulphites. Read more.




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Light-Bodied, Orange

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Pasta, Pizza, Pork


Biodynamic Practice, Certified Organic



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Vegan, Vegetarian