Petr Korab – Natur Rysak “On Leaves” 2019

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Petr Korab – Natur Rysak 2018 is a delicious and well balanced biodynamic ‘Rysak’ wine from the Czech Republic. Pairs well with pizza, tuna and vegetable pasta dishes, pork and other white meats and roast vegetables.

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Petr Korab – Natur Rysak “On Leaves” 2018

Producer: Petr Korab

Country: Czech Republic

Region; Moravia

Grape: Gewurztraminer  / Blaufrankisch

Biodynamic Practice

Petr Korab – Natur Rysak “On Leaves” 2018 is a really exceptional Rysak wine from Moravia, a region that is now producing some of the most innovative and exciting low-intervention wines in the world.

Rysak is a style in Czech and Slovakia where they blend red and white varieties. This cuvee includes Gewurztraminer and Frankovka (Blaufrankisch) and Petr adds Gewurztraminer vine leaves when macerated on skins. We don’t currently have a Rysak category so we list this and our other Rysak wine in the orange category, especially as this wine is orange in appearance and style.

Petr Korab has been making fine tea of dried vine leaves for many years, and he particularly prefers the tannic-spice flavour that comes through. He began to think about this more and researched wine books and literature to stumble upon an old tradition where vine leaves were used during maceration. He believes that in addition to the positive influences of the leaves on the taste and aroma of the wine, they also have an effect on the purity and depth of the wine.  In the 2017 vintage, he feels that the addition of leaves emphasises the spicy character in Gewurztraminer and also adding weight to the body and fruity tones. He loves how wide/expansive and gentle the wine can be at the same time.

Ideal paired with tuna pasta, white meats, especially pork chops, paté and canapés.

Petr Korab – Natur Rysak is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Petr Korab – Natur Rysak contains minimal added sulphites. Read more.



More from the producer:

We are a moravian family of winemakers. In 2006 we started with cultivation of grapes in old wineyards, path of spontanous fermentation and authentic mindset. Gradually, we started to have organic pose to old grapevines and supplement biodynamic philosophy.

We are cultivating nearly 4 hectares of wineyards, which some are 84 years old. We plant original varieties of vineyards on limestone subsoil. We are trying to work with grapes that way, we finally bottled wine, which is live and not “raped” by any additives. A great challenge is for us working with barrels, long-time maceration on skins and naturally sparkling stuff (pét-nats, classic parkling wines).

We’re trying to find authentic ways. Not only the new ways but also ways which were beaten by our ancestors down and those ways were covered and forgotten in today’s consumer lifestyle. “Live wine” could be one of these ways.


Petr Korab website

Additional information

Bottle Size

Bottle 75 cl


Czech Republic




Frankovka (Blaufrankisch), Gewurztraminer


Fruity, Light-Bodied

Enjoy with...

Meat Paté, Pizza, Pork


Biodynamic Practice, Certified Organic


Vegan, Vegetarian



Sulphur content

Minimal Added Sulphites