Krasna Hora – La Blanca 2018

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A slightly skinsy and deliciously refreshing orange Riesling blend from the wonderful Czech producers Krashna Hora. A perfect summer lunch wine whihch has a little more substance than the average white. Dry, crispy green apple skin, good acidity, with lovely texture


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Krasna Hora – La Blanca 2018

Producer: Krásná Hora Winery (Vinařství Krásná Hora)

Country: Czech Republic

Region: Moravia

Grape: Riesling


Krasna Hora – La Blanca 2018 is a light orange wine, with just a few days skin contact giving it slightly more body than the average white.

A skinsy, field blend of Riesling. Crispy green apple skin, good acidity, with lovely texture. At only 10.5% alcohol, it is a perfect lunch wine.

Ideal with white fish, seafood, white meats, summer salads.

Krasna Hora – La Blanca 2018 is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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More from the producer:

The Moravian wine region

Situated on the 49th parallel, at the very limit of where grapes can be grown in Central Europe, in the south-eastern corner of the Czech Republic, we enjoy a cool climate viticulture with big differences between day and night time temperatures.  Under these conditions, our wines have excellent aromatic expression along with mouth-watering acidity and freshness.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are carefully tended by hand and biodynamic principles are implemented to produce grapes of the highest possible quality that express the terroir of our microclimate. The use of herbal teas and specially prepared composts and manures enables us to avoid using any synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.  Yields are carefully controlled to around 1.3 kg/vine in order to achieve the intensity and concentration of aromas and flavours that we are looking for.



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Bottle Size

Bottle 75 cl


Czech Republic






Tropical – Blanaced

Enjoy with...

Aperitif, Asian Food, Crab, Fish, Roasted Vegetables


Certified Biodynamic


Vegan, Vegetarian



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