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    Petr Korab – Neronet 2016

    Another great and quite unique wine from Petr Korab. Neronet is a crossing of Blauer Portugueiser, St.Laurent and Alibernet.  Spontaneously fermented, it was matured in oak barrel for 12 months, un-fined and un-filtered. Rich, fruity and satisfying Neronet’s purity come through in the glass with a simple honest and pleasing palate.


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    Magula – Baccara 2016

    Baccara 2016 is a really delicious natural wine from Slovakian family producers Magula. Rich and fruity, clean, honest and immensely rewarding. A blend of 3 local varieties this wine is quite unique. Pairs well with meat casseroles, meat pasta and even spicy meat pizza.

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    Petr Korab – Natur Rysak “On Leaves” 2019

    Petr Korab – Natur Rysak 2018 is a delicious and well balanced biodynamic ‘Rysak’ wine from the Czech Republic. Pairs well with pizza, tuna and vegetable pasta dishes, pork and other white meats and roast vegetables.

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  • Cacik – Frankovka 2015

    Cacik – Frankovka is stunningly delicious, light bodied and delicately floral red. Think very light, high-end Pinot Noir but with delicate red and forest fruits with slight pink peppercorn spiciness. Ideal paired with spicy Italian sausage pizza and other light, tomato based meat dishes.

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  • Cacik – Cabernet Moravia 2016

    A rich, medium-bodied natural red from Tomas Čačik and a very welcome addition to our list. Slightly floral with red fruits and a slight pepperiness it’s a must-try for Cab Franc fans. Paris well with meat stews, rabbit and roasted red meats.

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