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  • Mira Do O – Vidente Tinto 2016

    A wonderfully rich, complex and slightly spicy red from a small producer in the Dao region of Purtugal. Ideal with meat-pasta dishes or spicy meats.

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  • Chateau Peybonhomme Les Tours – Le Blanc Bonhomme

    A beautifully soft and elegant Bordeaux Blanc. Pairs well with Foie gras, spinach and ricotta ravioli, marinated trout and hard cheeses as well as oily fish.

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  • Loveblock – Tee Sauvignon Blanc (Orange) 2020

    An orange version of the immensely popular Sauvignon Blanc from this outstanding producer. What more can i say. It’s amazing. If you like orange wines or you just fancy trying one, this is an absolute winner. Image is of the white. New image soon.


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  • Domaine Gautheron – Chablis 2018

    Dom. Gautheron – Chablis, Cuvée Emeraude is an immensely pleasing wine. The aroma is fragrant with lemon and mineral notes and a hint of hazelnut. Great complexity on the palate, ripe and flattering and with a silky mouthfeel and very long satisfying finish.



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  • Vale de Capucha – Fossil Tinto 2016

    Ripe plums, hints of coffee, twigs and blackcurrants and with a hint of grass. Very rich and smooth, velvety with subtle tannins and a very long finish. Ideal with meat stews and rich beef and game dishes.


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  • Damien Pinon – Les Perruches Vouvray Moelleux, 2015

    An excellent and very well balanced, fruity and slightly sweet wine from the Loire Valley, produced by Damien Pinon.

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  • Cacik – Frankovka 2015

    Cacik – Frankovka is stunningly delicious, light bodied and delicately floral red. Think very light, high-end Pinot Noir but with delicate red and forest fruits with slight pink peppercorn spiciness. Ideal paired with spicy Italian sausage pizza and other light, tomato based meat dishes.

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  • Paxton – Jones Block Shiraz 2016 Single Vineyard

    Paxton – Jones Block Shiraz 2016 Single Vineyard is a rich, savoury and spicy blend with a fleshy middle palate and great length. Enjoy with red meat dishes.

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  • Ota Sevcik – Frankovka Claret 2018

    A delicious Czech Blanc de Noir (Claret). Lots of red fruit, strawberries, freshly picked black cherries. A lovely, creamy mouthfeel and a delicious long finish. Very much like an orange wine, it is extremely versatile and pairs with all sorts but particularly pork and tuna pasta.



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