Orange Wine

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  • Gorgo – Custoza 2019

    A fascinating and delicious blend of 5 indigenous grapes are used in this quite outstanding wine. A perfect example of the principle of ‘one reaps what one sows’. As with biodynamics, when so much thought goes into a wine, it is unsurprising that the result is a success. A delicious white blend from Veneto.

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  • BalestriValda – Soave Classico 2019

    As the name suggests, this does exactly what it says on the tin. A typical and delicious Soave Classico (Garganega).

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  • Lunaria – Ramoro Pinot Grigio 2019

    A delicious, orange Biodynamic Pinot Grigio. Big aromas of peaches and wild flowers, then fresh, fruity and intense to taste. Ideal with seafood pasta and white meat dishes. A favourite and top seller.



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  • Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité 2016 Orange Viognier

    Sadly discontinued by the supplier but i am trying to get stock from elsewhere

    Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité is aninteresting and delightful orange Viognier from British wine-maker Simon Coulshaw. Complex, with a fresh acidity, notes of apricots and almonds with a spicy floral finish. Ideal with grilled vegetables, seafood including shellfish, white meats and creamy quiche dishes.



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  • Krasna Hora – La Blanca 2018

    A slightly skinsy and deliciously refreshing orange Riesling blend from the wonderful Czech producers Krashna Hora. A perfect summer lunch wine whihch has a little more substance than the average white. Dry, crispy green apple skin, good acidity, with lovely texture


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  • Eschenhof Holzer – Invaders.exe Orange 2018

    Stock arriving mid April

    An interesting and delicious orange Muller Thurgau from Eschenhof Holzer. Dry, full-bodied and cloudy this wine is a great one to try if you are looking to experience orange wine. Incredibly versatile it pairs with chicken, Moroccan food, tuna pasta, goats cheese

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  • Loveblock – Tee Sauvignon Blanc (Orange) 2020

    An orange version of the immensely popular Sauvignon Blanc from this outstanding producer. What more can i say. It’s amazing. If you like orange wines or you just fancy trying one, this is an absolute winner. Image is of the white. New image soon.


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  • Ota Sevcik – Frankovka Claret 2018

    A delicious Czech Blanc de Noir (Claret). Lots of red fruit, strawberries, freshly picked black cherries. A lovely, creamy mouthfeel and a delicious long finish. Very much like an orange wine, it is extremely versatile and pairs with all sorts but particularly pork and tuna pasta.



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  • Petr Korab – Natur Rysak “On Leaves” 2019

    Petr Korab – Natur Rysak 2018 is a delicious and well balanced biodynamic ‘Rysak’ wine from the Czech Republic. Pairs well with pizza, tuna and vegetable pasta dishes, pork and other white meats and roast vegetables.

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