Orange Wine

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  • Gorgo – Custoza 2019

    A fascinating and delicious blend of 5 indigenous grapes are used in this quite outstanding wine. A perfect example of the principle of ‘one reaps what one sows’. As with biodynamics, when so much thought goes into a wine, it is unsurprising that the result is a success. A delicious white blend from Veneto.

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  • BalestriValda – Soave Classico 2019

    As the name suggests, this does exactly what it says on the tin. A typical and delicious Soave Classico (Garganega).

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  • Lunaria – Ramoro Pinot Grigio 2019

    A delicious, orange Biodynamic Pinot Grigio. Big aromas of peaches and wild flowers, then fresh, fruity and intense to taste. Ideal with seafood pasta and white meat dishes. A favourite and top seller.



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  • Lunaria – LaBelle Malvasia 2018

    Another gorgeous wine from the Lunaria brand by Cantina Orsogna. We now stock 4 of these wines, all of which are quite unique and excellent. LaBelle is a lovely fruity, well balanced biodynamic white.


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  • Lunaria – Civitas Pecorino 2018

    Civitas Pecorino is has summer flowers and grass on the nose. The palate is bright and tart with notes of lemongrass and citrus fruits.  Lovely, subtle acidity and a long and refreshing finish. Matches well with seafood, particularly squid.


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  • Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité 2016 Orange Viognier

    Sadly discontinued by the supplier but i am trying to get stock from elsewhere

    Domaines des Trinités – L’Invité is aninteresting and delightful orange Viognier from British wine-maker Simon Coulshaw. Complex, with a fresh acidity, notes of apricots and almonds with a spicy floral finish. Ideal with grilled vegetables, seafood including shellfish, white meats and creamy quiche dishes.



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  • Krasna Hora – La Blanca 2018

    A slightly skinsy and deliciously refreshing orange Riesling blend from the wonderful Czech producers Krashna Hora. A perfect summer lunch wine whihch has a little more substance than the average white. Dry, crispy green apple skin, good acidity, with lovely texture


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  • Loveblock – Tee Sauvignon Blanc (Orange) 2020

    An orange version of the immensely popular Sauvignon Blanc from this outstanding producer. What more can i say. It’s amazing. If you like orange wines or you just fancy trying one, this is an absolute winner. Image is of the white. New image soon.


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  • Ota Sevcik – Frankovka Claret 2018

    A delicious Czech Blanc de Noir (Claret). Lots of red fruit, strawberries, freshly picked black cherries. A lovely, creamy mouthfeel and a delicious long finish. Very much like an orange wine, it is extremely versatile and pairs with all sorts but particularly pork and tuna pasta.



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