New operating hours in Beaconsfield


After a great start, albeit a slightly fishy one, i have decided to drop the Friday night, at least for the time being as so may people are away so business has dropped off somewhat. I am also moving soon, so i may restart the Friday evening after the move. I have several new locations in mind, all close to Waitrose still, but am waiting on confirmation for my preferred one for the Autumn season.

Until the move is confirmed i will be operating on Saturdays only, from 4pm – 9pm (or 10 if its busy) at the old Honda Garage, 3-5 Penn Road, HP9 2

Don’t forget, each week I bring a limited, rotating selection to the stall, so if you have tried something you liked there is no guarantee i will have it with me. You can, however, click and collect. Simply choose the wines and select the date you wish to pick them up. Payment to be made at the stall.


Feedback so far has been incredibly positive with many of you returning for more and some rocking up and just buying without even trying on the recommendation of others. “The talk of the town” was one comment and “…I’ve heard you’re good” fro one lady who couldn’t stop, so hopefully this will continue to grow into something new and quite special for Beaconsfield.

I am still in the process of looking for premises locally but in the mean time will be licensing my home so i can begin selling online again and delivering locally and nationally, hopefully by November.

Delicious, healthy, eco-friendly wines which won’t give you a hangover. What more could anyone want.


Ian Simpson

07 453 081 018