Champagne A. Levasseur – New wines and reduced prices

Champagne A. Levasseur – New wines and reduced prices

Champagne A. Levasseur

At QPW we are super fussy. We take our time seeking out the best organic, biodynamic and natural wines and slowly and add them to our rather special – we feel – wine list. Rue du Sorbier Brut NV, Blanc de Terroir Extra Burt NV and Ratafie de Champagne were the first 3 wines from Champagne A. Levasseur that we listed and they have proved extremely popular. Amazing quality and pretty good value for money, especially when compared to the run-of-the-mill Champagnes available in supermarkets and High Street stores.

The Champagne A. Levasseur Rue du Sorbier Brut was fantastic – we drunk it alongside other more recognisable brands of similar price and it was far superior.

Joanna Barker – Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire


So it with great pleasure that we announce that we have added 3 new wines from Champagne A. Levasseur :

Rue du Sorbier Brut Nature NV – Pinot Meunier 80% / Pinot Noire 15% / Chardonnay 5%.. 4 years on the lees.

Extrait Gourmand Brut Rose NV –  Fruity but subtle rosé. Pinot Meunier 50% / Chardonnay 30% / Pinot Noir 20%

Noir de Terroir Extra Brut NV – 100% Pinot Noir and a truly exceptional Champagne.


We have also reduced the prices of the original two champagnes from Champagne A. Levasseur and listed the new ones at similarly low mark up.



A. Levasseur – Rue du Sorbier Brut NV Champagne

A. Levasseur – Rue du Sorbier Brut Nature NV Champagne

A. Levasseur – Extrait Gourmand Brut Rose NV Champagne

A. Levasseur – Blanc de Terroir Extra Brut NV Champagne

A. Levasseur – Noir de Terroir Extra Brut NV Champagne

A. Levasseur – Ratafia de Champagne


“ Each fragrance, each taste can reveal a different picture, sensation, or souvenir for each of us. The essences of my terroir, our champagnes, are an invitation to find back some aromas born from our meticulous know-how and our vineyard. My acute sensitivity has inspired me to produce our cuvees, will they awaken your senses? ”

David Levasseur, Awakener of senses


“In the nineties, my father gradually passed on his knowledge and his heritage to me, and I became independent as from 2003. Full of ambitions, I could bring a new way in the viticulture follow-up and the company management, but also my vision of champagne: a product mainly evoking meetings and awakening senses… CThen I decided to have a space built, dedicated to welcome you and invite you to some friendly and funny tasting sessions of champagnes Albert Levasseur. Turning our vineyard into my so-called playground, I decided to buy more plots in Châtillon-sur-Marne. So, our vineyard is now composed with 4.20 hectares spread on 18 plots in villages like Cuchery, Châtillon-sur-Marne, or Fleury-la-Rivière. Advanced equipment joined the estate to work on a finer mastering of the wines (thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks, new winepress).

Growing up in traditional viticulture, I was able to mix such methods with precise technology. Today sustainable viticulture is optimized via a computerized follow-up of the plots. We let grass grow partially in the vines. I also bring organic fertilizers to better treat the soils of the current 4.20 hectares of our vineyard. In the winery, thanks to the purchase of thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks, I have the freedom to vinify grape varieties, pruning operations and plots in a separate way. My will? It’s to offer you a champagne wine for enjoyment. Our estate allows me to imagine champagnes according to the harvest and my fancies, my vineyard and my winery have indeed become my playground. ”

Champagne A. Levasseur website


And let’s remind ourselves that when you drink organic, biodynamic and natural wines from us you are supporting small independent producers and helping keep yourself and the environment healthy.

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