Nicholas Joly, The Wine Magician

Nicholas Joly, The Wine Magician

If you think biodynamics is all a bit bonkers, well, you probably don’t know the half of it. Dung in burried horns, lunar cycles, cosmic calendars and obscure druidic potions… it gets really quite bizarre. In this rather brilliant filmette, Vice Magazine goes to the Loire Valley to meet the Wine Magician, aka Nicolas Joly, the guru of biodynamic viticulture. The film explores Nicolas’ journey from Wall Street trader to biodynamic wine producer. It goes some way to explaining the depth of knowledge and understanding of the natural world held by biodynamic growers and explores the quasi-spiritual approach developed by Rudolph Steiner back in the mid 1920s. Though some of it may seem like nonsense to some there is no doubt that much of it is based on sound science, and the the results, ultimately, speak for themselves.



It’s a fascinating watch and a far more interesting way to learn about why biodynamic wines taste so amazing than reading a boring article. As it says on our home page; you don’t need to subscribe to the philosophy to enjoy biodynamic wines, you just need to know that your wine has been produced by somebody who really cares about what they do, with painstaking attention to detail and the utmost respect for nature. While organic production can sometimes be a simple exercise in commercial box-ticking, biodynamic production is rarely practiced unless the producer really embraces the philosophy and goals behind it, that of producing a healthy product in harmony with nature.

If you would like to read a more sensible article about Nicholas Joly then this one from the Forbes website is very interesting.

We don’t list any of Nicholas’ wines as they are super-expensive and hard to obtain in the UK.